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6D Motocross Helmets

The 6D ATR-1 off-road helmet incorporates revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) technology which is a patent-pending kinetic energy management solution. 

ODS™ is designed to protect your brain over a broader range of impact energy; particularly low–threshold energy prevalent in most accidents. Low-threshold impact energy is the primary cause of concussion and second impact syndrome*. Independent laboratory testing also confirms a significant reduction in angular acceleration with ODS™. Angular acceleration is the primary cause of rotational brain injury, which is a potentially deadly and life-changing impairment.

The improved performance of 6D’s exclusive ODS™ technology can reduce the likelihood and propensity of concussion over traditional helmet designs. Although no helmet can protect you from all potential impacts or injury, the 6D ATR-1 was engineered to provide active free-motion capability within the helmet’s protective liner and exceed current relevant helmet standards.

How to Select the Right Motocross Helmet

A quality motocross helmet is without a doubt the single most important piece of motocross protective gear you will purchase. So keep these ten standard guidelines (below) in mind. You need to protect your head at all costs - buy the very best mx helmet you can afford and skimp on something else if you have too, not your helmet!  Full-face motocross and dirt bike helmets for racing, trail, or motocross riding are designed to protect your head, and should be strong enough to minimize and absorb collision impacts - helping to prevent or reduce head injury or even save your life. In addition, they are designed to help your head stay cool, provide protection from flying objects and rocks, and last on the list allow you to set your own look and style with many choices of color and design!

Ten Point Standard Guideline to follow when choosing your next helmet:
(shown in order of importance)
  1. Safety Helmet should meet or exceed Snell and D.O.T. safety standards.

  2. Comfort and Fit Your motocross helmet should fit comfortably so selecting the right size is very important.  Too small and you will never be comfortable when you ride.  Too large means your head is not secure or protected properly and you do not want it to fly off in case of impact. 

  3. Size - If you know your head size great!  If not, you need to measure the circumference of your head. View our Size Charts to choose your size and instructions for measuring your head, it is not wise to guess! Size Chart

  4. Weight Most dirt bike helmets currently made - are constructed of fiberglass or composites and much lighter than before. If you are after the lightest, which feels more comfortable, the ultra-light more expensive ones are constructed from carbon fiber and Kevlar.

  5. Ventilation System All motocross, dirt bike, and atv helmets have ventilation systems with air intake vents to cool your head and exhaust port vents to dispel heat.  Some of the more expensive ones have better exhaust systems, more vents inside - this is important if you ride fast, hard, or race. A Cooler head means less fatigue, better focus, perhaps faster lap times and a better ride.

  6. Liners All mx helmets have liners designed to help wick moisture from your head, keeping you dryer and protect your head from impact. Some even have cooling systems in the cheek pads and the more expensive ones have removable, washable, and replaceable liners.

  7. Emergency Release Systems Some of the more expensive mx helmets have built in emergency release systems designed for easy access should you be involved in an accident or collision.

  8. Guarantee - Most dirt bike helmets are guaranteed for three to five years and do not wear out quickly, so literally think "brain investment" when you purchase!

  9. Price - can range from just under $100 to $600 or more, depending on the features.  If you are on a budget, we have discounts, or check our closeouts for quality motocross and atv helmets, but do not ignore the standards above just to save a buck. It could be your most costly deal in the end so keep that in mind if you race or compete.

  10. Graphic Design and Style weigh into the cost MX Helmets come in many colors, have incredible graphic designs or custom paint jobs.  You will find cool colors and graphics even on the less expensive dirt bike helmets; however, you should always follow the guidelines above and place, fit, safety and comfort features over the external decor.  I hope you are not wondering after reading everything above - why graphic design, color and style is placed last on the list!
Tips Several of the High End and Mid Range Motocross Helmets meet or exceed guidelines above.  The Low End ones usually meet several of guidelines though they may not have all the extra features or graphic design you prefer. Whether you need a helmet for atv riding, dirt bike or motocross we can get or have everything you want!

Motocross Goggles - should always be worn with your helmet to protect your eyes and as the first line of defense against flying rocks, debris, and the weather.

Other types - Some manufacturers also make helmets for action sports like bicycle racing, bmx, mountain biking and snow. They usually do not have D.O.T. safety ratings and are not for motocross.

 Top Helmet Brands / Manufacturers
Based on Features & Price Range
 High End
 Mid Range
 Low End
 Arai Fly Answer Racing
 Shoei Fox Fly Racing
 Troy Lee Designs
 SixSixone No Fear
  Thor Shift
 Note: Some manufacturers offer multiple price ranges and features